Building Technology Consulting

BestNet can assist you with design before and during construction. We offer consulting with base building designs, conduit layout, MDF/IDF considerations, telecom negotiations, building network and all other property related technologies.

It’s never too late to have BestNet get involved. We are the team to call when your property or construction project is in IT crisis mode. We have the capability and resources to quickly turn your technology nightmares into finely orchestrated properties.

A few of the companies/technologies we work with daily in development and commercial spaces:
AT&T, Comcast, Google Fiber, Hotwire, Per Door Negations , Design and Installation supervision, HVAC Systems, Lighting Control Panel, Building Automation, Property Technology, Interactive Directories , Public WiFi, Athletic spaces, and Audio/Video
• Elevator cab technologies, life safety phone lines , security systems.

We provide support and services for buildings old and new. A few buildings/developments we’ve designed or adopted:

• Buckhead Atlanta – 1.5 million square feet luxury development.
• The Hurt Building – 18 story high rise in downtown Atlanta built in 1913.
• Lenox Towers – Buckhead’s 1st high rise, built in 1966. 190,000 RSF in both towers.
• M. Rich Building – Built in 1907 , the original Rich’s store.
• Overlook III – 440,000 Square feet high rise in Vinings.
• 34 Park Tower – 301,000 square feet high rise in downtown Atlanta