Computer Networking

As your business’s IT needs grow, so will your technology headaches. BestNet can assist you with removing that frustration and creating a harmonious computer network environment.

We make the best of your budget. We understand if you’re not a Fortune 500 business, but getting there. Let us work with you by investing in smart , cost conscious, industry standard designs, equipment and software. A sound and scalable IT infrastructure prompts growth without ‘breaking the bank’. Let us save you from future efforts to start over with software and hardware because your vendor did not plan ahead.

Ethics, humility, honesty and education are driving forces for us personally and professionally. We do not accept financial reimbursements offered by any of our vendors. The purchasing decisions for our clients are made for their best intentions, not our financial gains. We do not ‘mark-up’ hardware or software. You receive our industry discounted prices, we simply charge you for our time. This is attractive to the accountants and the simplifies the IT relationship.

Our 20+ years in the field (individually – not cumulative!) have provided us with some rather unique experiences. We’re not afraid to tackle the new and unknown environments. If you have an unusual network issue, legacy software products, odd or proprietary equipment we’d love to take a look.

Some of our preferred vendors we partner with: